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Though I date boys my own age, when it comes to Grindr I generally go for guys around 40 as they tend not to have any issues with my movements. I meet around three a week if not more and have rarely had a bad time.

I often have a reality check when I go home to the much smaller city in the UK where I grew up to find that sex is not available on demand. This raises a few issues. I am unable to masturbate. I rely on others.

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Is this dignified? Luckily I have had many, many great experiences. I acknowledge that not everyone who has issues with masturbation may feel comfortable asking men on Grindr especially if they are straight to help them perform the deed and possibly go further, yet it would automatically, by definition, turn into sex work if I relied on paid support. I am not sure of the best solution. Medically speaking things could be improved: Physios, it seems, can be prudish.

Since getting Grindr, I have met around 60 men and have found the experience unbelievably rewarding and liberating.

It is a far cry from how I am often treated in public. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Disability Opinion. Would you want to know if someone was disabled before meeting them? Share your thoughts in the comments… Get Queerty Daily Subscribe to Queerty for a daily dose of life dating disabilities stories and more 22 Comments throwslikeagirl Add that you have CP.

You are what you are…if you feel limited by that then do not engage others in a 2 dimensional world such as hookup apps because this is NOT a dating app…it is a sex app …. Your wit and good humor are what will carry the day. Your good looks are icing on the cake! A long time ago I was pursued on line by a guy when I was looking for a relationship.

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When I finally got to meet him I asked him how I would recognize him? His response was he would likely be the only one there with only one arm. After months of conversations this was a fact he had never before mentioned. I considered being a no-show but I went and honestly I was more upset by his lack of honestly all that time than I was by his missing appendage.


Keep telling them up front. I think Josh is addressing it in the right way, in a note after the initial contact.

The 1 Question they might have? Why not include something simple but up front like: I read the article as if there was a correct answer. Maybe using instant video conversation skype, etc. It may be a good compromise ; an option to test? By letting guys know upfront will weed out the really shallow guys.

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Being disabled either visible or not does not make a guy any less loveable, sweet, horny, etc.. Having said so, good luck to this man. Better to be honest than dishonest. Be prepared for the fact that sexual attractiveness is largely based on physical appeal. If I were you, I would meet people in.

The truth is sexier than anything you can invent. I too am gay and have a disability. Unfortunately the second someone mentions being disabled, certain assumptions are made.

First, most people assume I am paraplegic and confined a wheelchair. Both the author and myself are not either of those things. Second, that I am broke, do not work, live on government handouts and law suits , and need constant care.

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Fourth, many gay guys feel that dating someone with a disability will lower his social status. In my case, being disabled has a very limited impact on my abilities to date and in bed. Right now, my profile picture portrays me on my mobility aid and shirtless while the text states: I also have a detailed description for me to cut and paste for those who want more details.

I also try to meet in public so that I can get that awkward introduction out of the way. The general consensus is to be up front about it.